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Train my team

Education & Training

To prepare you to build and to solidify your knowledge of the EU GDPR.


Audits&Risk Assessements

Audits & Risk Assessments

You Can Start With A Gap Analysis To Determine Which Process Is Critical And To Do A Mapping Of All Your Data Flow.


Legal Support

Legal Support

We Will Stay At Your Disposition If You Need Any Advice Or Just A Precise Task To Do Or Review.


Externalize the DPO function

Data Protection Officer

We Created The DPO As A Service (Full-Time Or Back-Up).


Appoint a DPR

Data Protection Representative

We Created The DPR As A Service For Companies Outside The EU.


At MyData-TRUST, our expert data protection services are designed to support you at every stage of your data protection implementation journey. Whether you’re just starting out with dedicated pieces of training to increase GDPR awareness or conducting privacy assessments to map your initial level of compliance, we’re here to help. During your clinical activities, our Data Protection Officer as a Service and legal support team provide a go-to resource for all your data protection needs. And when it’s time to assess your level of data protection, our team is ready to provide the proof you need to show your commitment to keeping sensitive data secure.

Our services

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