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Turkish Data Privacy Laws: A Guide for Life Science Organizations



Complying with Turkish Data Privacy Laws in Life Sciences

Life science organizations operating in Turkey or processing the personal data of Turkish residents must comply with the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 6698). This law, similar to regulations in the EU, UK, and Switzerland, aims to safeguard the privacy of individuals' personal data.

The Role of a Data Protection Representative (DPR)

For non-Turkish companies, complying with Turkish data privacy law can be complex due to the requirement to appoint a local representative. MyData-TRUST, with its established DPR services in Turkey, can help bridge this gap.

Here’s how a MyData-TRUST DPR assists life science organizations:

Point of Contact for Turkish Authorities

The DPR acts as a vital communication link between your organization and the Turkish Data Protection Authority. They will receive and transmit official requests and notifications, ensuring smooth communication.

Facilitating Data Subject Rights

The DPR serves as the primary contact point for data subjects residing in Turkey. This ensures effective communication regarding their rights under the law, such as the right to access, rectify, or erase their personal data.

VERBIS Registration and Maintenance

The DPR will handle the registration of your company with VERBIS (Data Controllers’ Registry Information System). They will also maintain the registration’s accuracy and ensure it complies with legal requirements.

Data Processing Records and Documentation

The DPR will collaborate with your organization to establish and maintain a record of all personal data processing activities. This “personal data processing inventory” demonstrates your organization’s compliance with the law. Additionally, the DPR will manage key data protection documents for easy access upon request by the authorities.

Partnering with MyData-TRUST for Turkish Data Privacy Compliance

MyData-TRUST’s DPR services provide life science organizations with a comprehensive solution for navigating the complexities of Turkish data privacy law. By partnering with MyData-TRUST, you gain a dedicated representative who ensures smooth communication with authorities and data subjects, maintains accurate registration, and manages essential compliance documentation. This allows you to focus on your core business activities with confidence, knowing your Turkish data privacy obligations are met.

Learn more about this legislation on the Turkish Data Protection Authority

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