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SWISS FADP – Appoint a DPR

Appoint a DPR

We created the DPR as a service for companies outside the EU


Data Protection Representative

Foreign private companies with significant activities in Switzerland will have to appoint a Swiss representative.
For example, if you want to sell your medical devices in Switzerland but do not have a physical location in Switzerland, you are required to appoint an Authorized Representative, also referred to as Swiss Rep or AR, to represent your company to Swiss authorities and to serve as contact point for Swiss data subjects. You must retain a Swiss AR as long as you sell your devices in that country.
Your AR serves as a liaison between you and the national competent authorities, for example, the Ministries of Health, and in accordance with Switzerland’s Medical Devices Ordinance (MedDO) or the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC).

Regarding swiss companies which sell goods or services within the EU/EEA, they should not forget about the EU GDPR which impose to appoint a EU Data Protection Representative, in Europe.

The role of the DPR is to act as an intermediary between the Supervisory Authorities/the data subjects and your organization, in order to ensure and facilitate the exchanges between them. The role of the DPR is also to demonstrate your Accountability on its behalf before the Supervisory Authorities.

Being installed in EU, UK and in Switzerland, MyData-TRUST can support your company for any need regarding Data Protection Representative.

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