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SWISS FADP – Train My Team

Train my team

To prepare you and your team to build and to solidify your knowledge of the Swiss revised FADP WE PROVIDE 3 workshop formats, with a DPO (also called “Data Protection Advisor”) of MyData-TRUST.
Switzerland has issued a new and fully revised Federal Act on Data Protection, Switzerland has issued a new and fully revised Federal Act on Data Protection, whose entry into force is expected in 2023 without any grace period for companies. This new version of FADP aims to align the Act with the EU GDPR and the modernized Convention 108.
Hence, this is essential for a team working with personal data to follow some FADP training. Moreover, as highlighted by the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (“FDPIC”), this is one of the missions of the DPO, besides providing general advice, to ensure some trainings for employees on matters relating to data protection.


  • Understand the Swiss revised FADP and the particularities of our sector (e.g., Swiss Human Research Act)
  • Understand the similarities and differences with the EU GDPR
  • Define your role and your compliance action plan

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who have to deal with personal data, especially if these data are sensitive (patient data for example)
  • Every member of the FADP implementation team; Stakeholders from key data processing areas (HR, Marketing, Finance, Data Manager, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Clinical)
  • Top Management and Supervisors from appropriate user team



0,5 day: Unlimited number / 1 day: Unlimited number / 2 days: max 8 people

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