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UK GDPR – Appoint a DPR

Appoint a DPR

We created the DPR as a service for companies outside the EU


Data Protection Representative

In one hand, the UK Government’s provides that all data controllers/processors located outside the UK will need to appoint a UK Representative, as soon as UK GDPR apply to them. In the other hand, the EU GDPR law will continue to require organisations that are based outside of the EEA (including the UK) concerned by the EU GDPR to have an EU Representative.

The representative has to be available to both the local data protection authorities, given that supervisory authorities desire someone nearby who speaks their language and understands their customs and expectations.

MyData-TRUST provides the DPR service in all the EU and in the UK, in order to help you to meet your obligations under the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and EU GDPR, by fulfilling the UK Representative and EU Representative roles.

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