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EU GDPR – Appoint a DPR

Appoint a DPR

We created the DPR as a service for companies outside the EU


Data Protection Representative

The Data Protection Representative is the key contact for authorities. He must have a clear understanding of the data processing activities. He is not legally liable for the Controller but he will have to address questions and comments from authorities in an appropriate manner.
MyData-TRUST provides the DPR service in all the EU and in the UK.

The appointment of a DPR by a company should be done without prejudice to legal action that could be initiated against it. In other words, the DPR is in no way responsible for data protection breaches, and a company bears full responsibility for its actions and how it handles the data of EU residents.

When is a DPR needed?:

By ensuring DP Representation within the EU, MyData-TRUST ensure following tasks and responsibilities:

  • to facilitate the communication between the controller and the data subjects in order to make the exercise of data subject’s rights effective;
  • to establish and maintain the records of processing activities together with the controller;
  • if requested, to provide these records to DPAs;
  • to act as a facilitator between the DPAs and the Controller by ensuring information and procedural exchanges;
  • to keep track of the DP documentation ensuring that it is clear, consistent and complete;
  • if requested, to provide the DP documentation to DPAs;
  • to review and to discuss divergence from the Regulation, guidelines and recommendations Vs the Controller DP policies and SOPs;
  • to keep track of the ever-changing legislation in all the regions in which the controller processes personal data;
  • to manage and to submit DP information, documentation and declarations related to Member States regulations;
  • to advise on legal and technical restraints and requirements; and
  • to liaise with EU processors.

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