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Brazilian LGPD – Audits & Risk Assessments

Assess the risk

MyData-TRUST has 5 years of experience in risk assessment services. We have a dedicated team highly trained in LGPD to support you in implementing this regulation.

We can assist you in the data mapping efforts and treatment processes (collection, processing, sharing and disposal). This is essential to know which kind of data you collect and why.

Our first assessment aimed to build an action plan 100% dedicated to your business. It will help you to determine which process is critical and develop a mapping of all the data flows. This analysis highlights the high-risk processing activities and defines the essential elements of the data processing activities. It allows the building up of the first version of the Data Processing Activities Records.

How Does It Work?

  • 1 or 2 days on site with 2 DPOs from the Life Science sector
  • Expert Report: 100-pages professional report detailing our findings and recommendations and include a high-level action plan
  • Debriefing meeting (2 hours)
  • Presentation of the dedicated action plan


DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) can also be performed, as well as an ISA (Information Security Assessment), Vendor/Provider Assessment (on-site or remote), or anything related to LGPD compliance.

Get a legal support

We will stay at your disposal if you need advice or a precise task to do or review.

Let’s start to discuss

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Get a legal support

We will stay at your disposition if you need any advice or just a precise task to do or review.


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