UK GDPR – Audits & Risk Assessments

Assess the risk

MyData-TRUST is experienced in risk assessment services in UK, the multidisciplinary team is delighted to support all business who target UK in assessing the risk.

Under UK GDPR, you may have an obligation to assess the risk of the processing on the person (DPIA: Data Protection Impact Assessment), to assess if your vendors present guarantees that they are compliant (Vendor/Provider Assessment) and ensure you have appropriate security measures (ISA: Information Security Assessment).

As for the EU GDPR, we advise every company to start with a gap analysis, which will allow our team to learn more about your business and to determine which process is critical in order to develop a mapping of all the data flows. It highlights the high-risk processing activities and defines where some deeper analysis are needed. Regarding the DPIA for example, the UK GDPR imposes to do one if you: use systematic and extensive profiling with significant effects; process special category or criminal offence data on a large scale; or. systematically monitor publicly accessible places on a large scale (Article 35).

How Does It Work?

  • 1 or 2 days on site with 2 DPOs from the Life Science sector
  • Expert Report: 100-pages professional report detailing our findings and recommendations and include a high-level action plan
  • Debriefing meeting (2 hours)
  • Presentation of the dedicated action plan

Let’s start to discuss

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