UK GDPR – Train My Team

Train my team

To Prepare You To Build And To Solidify Your Knowledge Of The UK GDPR.

3 workshop formats available, with a DPO of MyData-TRUST
Our workshops aim to explain the general data protection regime that applies to UK businesses and organisations, but also to all companies who target UK (offer of goods or services, or behavior monitoring). We will help you to fully understand the UK GDPR, tailored by the Data Protection Act 2018. Each workshop ends with the key points you need to know and the practical checklists to help you comply.


  • Understand the UK GDPR and the particularities of our sector
  • Understand the differences and similarities between EU & UK GDPR
  • Facilitate an internal kick-off and begin to launch an effective response program to the UK GDPR across the organization
  • Examine the challenges posed by the UK GDPR and establish an action plan

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who have to deal with personal data, especially if these data are sensitive (patient data for example)
  • Every member of the UK GDPR implementation team; Stakeholders from key data processing areas (HR, Marketing, Finance, Data Manager, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Clinical)
  • Top Management and Supervisors from appropriate user teams



0,5 day: Unlimited number / 1 day: Unlimited number / 2 days: max 8 people

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