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Global Data Protection and Privacy
Full-service Solution for Life Sciences



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U.S. clinical studies: Compliance Aspects of Data Breaches

This FREE LinkedIn Live session will cover a practical overview of compliance requirements for clinical trial data breaches in the U.S.

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MyData-TRUST Experts

A unique association of IT, Legal and Clinical Experts

Complete coverage of services: consulting, implementation, solutions, and on-site consultancy
MyData-TRUST’s team comes from the Clinical Industry and acquired strong Data Protection expertise through different pieces of training and certification (Data Protection Officer – DPO). By working in business units, MyData-TRUST’s team can cover every question; IT, Legal or Clinical. This unique association of skills provides complete coverage of Data Protection aspects.
And most of all, this is a team who like to work together and learn from each other.

Our Company

Our services

How can we help you?

You can explore our wide range of services here or contact us to discuss your needs and how we can best support you.


Train your Team

Train your team

Ensure your team understands data protection requirements and how they impact them.


Audits&Risk Assessements

Audits & Risk Assessments

A Gap Analysis identifies where your company may be at risk of non-compliance, suggests solutions, and maps your data.


Legal Support

Legal Support

Our Expert legal team is available to answer your questions, advise, and support deliverables.


Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer

We provide experienced, accredited Life Science Data Protection Officers as a Service to advise, support and monitor your compliance: full-time, part-time, or as a support to your existing DPO.


Data Protection Representative

Data Protection Representative

We can be your EU and/or UK Data Protection Representative.


Discover a compilation of  2022 news on our MyData-BOOK news!

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Online training platform

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Privacy Management Platform (PMP)

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GDP2 is a labelling methodology of Data protection Authority

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What we do

MyData-TRUST is a company specializing in data protection, exclusively dedicated to the life sciences sector.

MyData-TRUST aims to provide strategic, operational, and organizational support, making a significant contribution both legally and technically to the success of the Data Protection implementation and the company as a whole.

Our added value is in our unique double expertise; Data Protection & Clinical expertise. MyData-TRUST’s team comes from the same kind of company as the one they work for. We know the sector; our goal is to give clients the keys to fully comply with Data Protection regulations and ensure data protection.

About us

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Free Master class : U.S. clinical studies:  Compliance Aspects of Data Breaches

 Date : 12 April
 Place : MyData-TRUST LinkedIn

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries tend to experience high cost, involve many stakeholders and affect even more stakeholders. Is cost the only factor?

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