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Brazilian LGPD – Legal support

Get a legal support

We will stay at your disposition if you need any advice or just a precise task to do or review.


Legal Support

Get a legal support from teams specialized in LGPD, data protection and information security.

Our different business units of lawyers, Its and DPOs working together aim to provide you the best support, for any request regarding the LGPD.

The team dedicated to your organization will take the time to understand your specific business cases and the issues and challenges you are facing. Our Legal Advisory team uses their LGPD knowledge to help you challenge conventions with partners and third parties.



Ad-hoc consulting is an easy way to out-contract services for a pre-defined period of time.

If you need some Brazilian LGPD professionals to assess vendors, to setup a corrective plan; to implement CAPAs or to organize customized trainings, ad-hoc consulting will give you the flexibility you are looking for.

We can also start with some risk assessments , to be able to have a clear view on your priorities.

Let’s start to discuss

If you need more information about this service or more information about the activities of MyData-TRUST, do not hesitate to contact us

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Train my team

To prepare you and your team to build and to solidify your knowledge of the Brazilian LGPD.


Assess the risk

MyData-TRUST is experienced in risk assessment services. Our teams are used to work with companies in Switzerland, they support them to put in place the LGPD and the EU GDPR.


Appoint a Data Protection Officer

The Brazilian LGPD expressly provides for the possibility to appoint a DPO, or “Data Protection Advisor”.


You want to train your team for which law?

Youmore informations for which law?

You want a legal support for which law?

You want a DPO for which law?

You want a DPR for which law?