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EU GDPR – Train My Team

Train my team

To Prepare You To Build And To Solidify Your Knowledge Of The EU GDPR.

2 OPTIONS: Workshop with a DPO of MyData-TRUST AND/OR GDPR e-learning

What we advise to our clients is to train the management and the team in direct contact with sensitive data with a 2 days’ Workshop, for them to be able to ask their questions and have a 100% dedicated training. For the rest of the team and the newcomers, we strongly recommend to provide some GDPR e-learning access, to allow your team to train at any time of the day, on every topic of the GDPR. Both are complementary.


  • Understand the GDPR and the particularities of our sector
  • Facilitate an internal kick-off and begin to launch an effective response program to the EU GDPR across the organization
  • Examine the challenges posed by the GDPR and the benefits of proactively demonstrating
    that the organization is compliant

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who have to deal with personal data, especially if these data are sensitive (patient data for example)
  • Every member of the GDPR implementation team; Stakeholders from key data processing areas (HR, Marketing, Finance, Data Manager, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Clinical)
  • Top Management and Supervisors from appropriate user teams



0,5 day: Unlimited number / 1 day: Unlimited number / 2 days: max 8 people

GDPR e-learning:

12 courses from 20min to 1h30

Let’s start to discuss

If you need more information about this service or more information about the activities of MyData-TRUST, do not hesitate to contact us


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