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SWISS FADP – Appoint a Data Protection Advisor

Appoint a Data Protection Advisor

The Swiss revised Data Protection Legislation expressly provides for the possibility of appointing a DPO, or “Data Protection Advisor”. Unlike under the GDPR, the designation of a DPO is optional for private controllers, however, there are some situations in which its designation becomes necessary. In any case, its appointment is highly recommended by the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (“FDPIC”).

How It Works?

Working with MyData-TRUST enables you to have access to the skilled and certified people where, when and how often you might require them. You will be in direct contact with one dedicated Swiss FADP expert, to streamline and ease the collaboration.

Choose MyData-TRUST team to benefit from scalable capacity, dedicated staff, ability to reduce fixed costs and optimize data protection activities. Every relationship is designed to meet the customer’s needs and service delivery configurations and options.

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