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Explore the exciting launch of MyData-TRUST’s Mexico office in the video!

Immerse yourself in this article to discover our team of data protection experts, based in Mexico. Learn more about their background, values and mission at MyData-TRUST.
Because we value people.
Because we’re one team worldwide.
Because behind every expert is a person who supports the values of MyData-TRUST.

Erika Moncada

Entity Director

Erika holds a biotechnology engineering diploma and started her career at Nestlé in Mexico. Since August 2018, she’s been with MyData-TRUST, initially stepping in as a DPO in Belgium, mainly serving U.S. clients. Fluent in Spanish, French, and English, allowing her to communicate effectively across diverse cultures.

She cherishes spending time with her family and friends and has a keen interest in traveling and exploring diverse cultures.

She played a pivotal role in the creation of this new entity, fully backed by the founders of MyData-TRUST for this venture. Together, they launched this new Mexican Entity in 2023. She put together her team in June 2023, leading them with enthusiasm, professionalism, and kindness.

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Grace Conde

Data Protection Manager

Grace is a lawyer with a master’s degree in information technology law. Before joining MyData-TRUST, she immersed six of her professional years in data protection and privacy compliance. Her roles included being a regulatory compliance lawyer and a data protection specialist.

In her free time, Grace enjoys walking, hiking in the mountains, and cycling around the city. She has a particular fondness for the beach, exploring new foods, and mixing her own cocktails.

Grace sees the formation of this new entity as an exciting opportunity to bring diverse profiles into the company. She believes this new team will provide a fresh perspective, differing from the European outlook, enriching the company’s vision.

She sees this new entity as an excellent opportunity to integrate different profiles into the company, because this new team can bring a different vision from Europe.

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Tania Patricia Tenorio

Data Protection Manager

Tania has been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over a decade, with her experience spanning quality assurance, clinical monitoring, and regulatory compliance. A few years ago, she decided to pivot and specialize in Data Protection, leading to her joining MyData-TRUST in June 2023.

Spending time with her family is what Tania enjoys the most. Additionally, she has a passion for reading, baking, and listening to K-pop music.

Tania is thrilled about the launch of this new entity, especially because of the job opportunities it will create for people in Mexico. She is confident that it will not only assist the company in serving U.S. clients more effectively but also enhance its visibility and credibility as a Global Company.

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Daniel Torres Ossorio

Data Protection Manager

Daniel’s background is in Biopharmaceutical Chemistry, bringing over seven years of experience in clinical trials to the table. He began his journey as a Project Assistant, climbing the ranks to Senior Clinical Research Associate at various pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs).

Outside of work, Daniel cherishes moments spent with his family and friends. His interests are diverse, spanning photography, travel, watercolor painting, and piano playing.

He expresses pride in MyData-TRUST’s expansion to Mexico, highlighting the new entity as a team of hard-working and experienced individuals, all committed to surpassing client expectations.

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Jaime Armendariz

Data Protection Manager

Jamie pursued a Master’s degree in Data Protection and another in Data Protection and Transparency, setting the stage for his career as a lawyer and the establishment of his own law firm. This path has afforded him a wealth of experience in the Data Protection field. For the last eight years, he has worked as a Data Protection Lawyer at his firm before joining MyData-TRUST in 2023.

Traveling and exploring the world are among Jamie’s passions. He also enjoys photography and drawing, finding joy in capturing moments and expressing creativity through his artworks.

Jamie wholeheartedly supports the creation of MDT’s Mexican entity. He also emphasizes its significance in enabling MyData-TRUST to deliver services across the Americas more efficiently. Jamie believes this expansion will not only provide vital support for the U.S. team by operating in the same time zone but also introduce a complementary mindset to the company’s operations.

Jamie's LinkedIn

Ana Lemus

Data Protection Manager

Ana is a professional in Pharmaceutical Chemistry with a Master’s in Health Sciences and a Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology and Experimental Therapy. She joined MyData-TRUST as a Data Protection Manager in June 2023. Her extensive eight-year track record with prominent pharmaceutical companies has honed her expertise in clinical research, both on the ground in Latin America and the US and through strategic global roles.

Ana finds immense joy in the warmth of family gatherings, the excitement of exploring new places, and the captivating rhythms of dance, and she’s equally passionate about nature.

Her role at MyData-TRUST is pivotal in ensuring compliance with data protection laws for biotech companies across various regions. Ana firmly believes in the positive impact of MyData-TRUST’s expansion to Mexico. She is confident that it will enhance the company’s ability to serve clients throughout the Americas.

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How do they describe their job at MyData-TRUST?

Their main mission is to support Life Science companies and organizations in achieving Data Protection & Privacy Compliance.

To fulfill this mission, they collaborate as a team with Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and Data Protection Lawyers (DPLs) from various entities across Belgium, the U.S., France, Romania, and the UK.

Their daily tasks include holding meetings and training sessions with clients, generating reports and procedures, and scrutinizing contracts and informed consent forms.

Ultimately, their objective aligns with the broader company goal: to bolster the Life Sciences Industry in Data Protection & Privacy compliance by equipping them with the necessary tools to evaluate, comprehend, and lessen risks, thereby safeguarding the privacy of the data subjects.

What do they like about MyData-TRUST?

Teamwork, Continuous Knowledge and Work-life Balance

These are the common themes in their answers.

They really value that MyData-TRUST isn’t just about ticking boxes—it’s a company that’s always learning and adapting, staying ahead of the curve in data protection laws. It’s a place where knowledge is shared openly; you can always find someone ready to give you top-notch advice. The company doesn’t stack up layers of management, which means everyone has the room to work flexibly—splitting time between home and the office to get the best of both worlds.

MyData-TRUST doesn’t just talk about diversity and well-being.

And the work? It’s never dull. They get to tackle a variety of challenges, diving into unique projects and meeting the specific needs of different clients.

Where do they see MyData-TRUST in 10 years?

Everyone at the Mexican office of MyData-TRUST envisions the company’s growth not just in expertise but also geographically, with new outposts around the globe, such as in Brazil (team building there? Oba!). They’re sure that the expansion of services is on solid ground, thanks to the savvy of our in-house experts.

There’s a shared aspiration to see MyData-TRUST become a champion for local Data Privacy associations in its home territories, drawing in clients from places as vibrant as Mexico. While some picture us branching out into other sectors like Finance or Tech.

Who knows what the future brings…?

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