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Need a Data Protection Representative « DPR » or « EU Rep » for your clinical trial within Europe?

Either you are company established out of Europe;
A Uk Based company running clinical trials in European-Union;
Or a EU based company running clinical trials in the UK;

Be prepared! You need to appoint a DPR.
With offices in Belgium, France and United-Kingdom, MyData-TRUST is the perfect partner for
The outsourcing of this service!

  • EU and UK based company
  • Company Business Understanding
  • GDPR Expertise
  • Clinical Research Background
  • Dedicated Multidisciplinary Team of Legal, IT and Clinical Experts

Externalisation of the DPR profile:

What does it mean?

  • Ensure Accountability Principle compliance
  • Facilitate Communication with Supervisory Authorities
  • Facilitate Communication with data subjects
  • Track record of all data protection documentation
  • Strategic Advice

At MyData-TRUST, we do not see the DPR only as a key point of contact for Data Protection Authorities but also as a fully integrated and operational function in the company by having a clear understanding of your data processing activities.

MyData-TRUST is the perfect DPR for your EU Clinical study!

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