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11 December 2018 – Brussels

The 1st GDPR Summit, entirely dedicated to the clinical research industry

Room GDPR CUMMIT for clinical MDT

The 1st GDPR SUMMIT is exclusively dedicated to the clinical research industry. A lot of advices and feedbacks from experts and Data Protection Authorities regarding the GDPR implementation in our sector. A day full of exchanges with more than 100 attendees.


Willem Debeuckelaere / Stephen Roberts / Tom Van Paepegem / Hartmut Nedebock / Paul Timmers / Nathalie Poupaert / Anastassia Negrouk / Diane Richebourg / Cédric Tits


The position of the UK’s authorities regarding the GDPR
Processing of sensitive data: does Blockchain technology help?
Territorial scope and legal basis
The patient informed consent in clinical studies
Implementing GDPR as cultural change in the organisation
How to inform participants and collect their data?
Privacy and secrecy protection through distributed machine learning in healthcare

Practical information

Date: 11 December 2018
Place: Brussels



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