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New Partnership

HIPAA services to support Healthcare organizations

February 16, 2022

MyData-TRUST, Global Data Protection One-Stop-Shop for Life Sciences, has partnered with Colington Consulting, a leading provider of HIPAA compliance services in the United States.

“When we created MyData-TRUST in 2017, our first focus was the GDPR regulation. Thanks to our double expertise combining Data Protection and Life Sciences, MyData-TRUST has grown quite quickly. Sustaining this growth, the high number of our trusted and valuable customers, especially on the US territory. Logically, our US customers asked us a support for other international Data Protection laws with, in top of that, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Therefore, we decided to find a trusted HIPAA partner, to help us to deploy this service. After several months of search and discussions, we decided to establish a very close relationship with Colington Consulting, a HIPAA compliance provider. Together, we can now help local and international organizations understand and meet HIPAA regulatory standards to reduce the risk of noncompliance. Our ambition is clear: remain the worldwide Data Privacy leader for Healthcare organizations by becoming a global Data Protection one-stop-shop provider.”

Gautier Sobczak

Gautier Sobczak

CBO & co-founder at MyData-TRUST

HIPAA compliance is vital to protect electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and maintain a thriving healthcare organization or business.
Together, we have the required expertise to determine what your organization’s HIPAA requirements may be.

Jay Hodes

President – Colington Consulting

“Partnering with MyData-Trust allows both of our companies to expand and provide services to clients to meet the regulatory requirements for GDPR and HIPAA. Many healthcare organizations may not have the resources available to meet all the requirements for GDPR and HIPAA or not know what exactly needs to be in place to meet regulatory compliance specifications. The goal of Colington Consulting, first and foremost, is to educate and empower an organization’s workforce, and I am pleased to partner with MyData-Trust in combining to provide these services. More than 300,000,000 individuals in the U.S. have had all or parts of their health records compromised through HIPAA data breaches. The goal is to prevent breaches for any provider by implementing data protection requirements”

Together, we provide full services to healthcare organizations based inside and outside the United States, including Covered Entities and Business Associates. Our consulting services include:

  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessments
  • HIPAA Risk Management Plans (policies and procedures)
  • HIPAA Training
  • HIPAA hourly consulting
  • HIPAA related Contingency Plans
  • Facility Security Surveys and Plans
  • HIPAA Compliance Implementation Assistance

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