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April 13, 2021

Emeraude is a lawyer specializing in health law and new information and communication technologies law. She comes directly from a hospital where she was DPO. Currently Data Protection Manager at MyData-Trust, we asked her a few questions. We will discover Emeraude’s career path and what drives her particularly in her missions.

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Hospital DPO

Emeraude listed the four most important tasks for a DPO in her opinion: “The first one is to inform and advise the company about its compliance with the GDPR. The second one is to monitor the GDPR compliance of the company and the third one is to act as a point contact for data subjects. The last one is to cooperate and communicate with the competent Supervisory Authority“.

During this interview, Emeraude highlighted the various challenges concerning data protection in hospitals. She explained the complexity of data processing due to the increasing number of interactions and technological infrastructures. Her experience as DPO in a hospital was a “real challenge“. As she said: “the DPO acts as a project manager. He is the leader of the GDPR compliance“.

Here is her answer when we asked her what is the most important quality to be a good DPO: “the DPO must have multiple skills (…) But what is also important for a DPO is to be familiar with the legislation applicable to the sector for which he provides support and advice. (…)“.

Following her philosophy, a good DPO should develop a pragmatic approach for clients and be sure that the change make sense and is legitimate.

We were able to conclude from this meeting that it does not matter whether you are an internal or external DPO, it is important to understand the sector and take the time to get to know the company you are working for. 

Read the full Interview

At MyData-TRUST, we can provide a full time DPO or help the internal DPO by being his/her back-up and support. We butt in step in mainly in the framework of training, backlog management or any other specific need that relieves the hospital DPOs.

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