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MyData-TRUST Values

MyData-TRUST Values

The values of a company are reflecting the organization’s brand, culture and vision. Our values have been chosen as a team, during some internal meetings, to make sure that everyone stand for the same goal.

our customer value


The Customer’s needs are our guide. MyData-TRUST is a customer-focussed company, considering our work through the eyes and perceptions of our customers. Their satisfaction makes us proud.

Excellence value


We strive for Excellence At MD-T.  We strive to improve every day in everything we do.

team value


We are one Team at MD-T.  We work in a natural and positive team synergy. We learn, collaborate and share with colleagues and clients to achieve our goals together (in a caring way).

Diversity Value


Diversity is wealth.  We believe that different views and experiences are valuable to all of us and strengthen our ability to respond to challenges.

Respect Value


We always act Respectfully. At MD-T, we listen to each other and communicate in a way that ensures everyone feels accepted and respected, whatever their qualifications, function, origin or culture. We show the same respect for society and the environment, taking our social responsibility very seriously.

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