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Lawyer Data Protection is an integral part of the team providing the services sold by the company. His academic and professional career was built around law, and more specifically the law of digital and / or ICT. He works mainly as a project manager and DPO for clients. His duties include consulting, data protection analysis, regulatory review, contracts, etc.

Main tasks

– Project management and coordination.
– Participate in meetings with customers.
– Develop training tools related to his legal skills.
– Perform data protection gap analysis (DPGA).
– Carry out the Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).
– Develop procedures, guidelines and templates.
– Analyze, correct and advise the Inform Concern Form (ICF).
– Review the different contracts and any other document related to its function.
– Provide legal advice and recommendations on data protection.
– Perform the Legitimate Interest Assesments (LIA).
– As a data protection expert, stay informed about the latest developments and legal trends in this area.
– Organize internal information sessions on legal developments in the field of data protection in order to keep operational knowledge up-to-date.

Technical skills

The Data Protection Lawyer must be able to:

– Put into practice one’s strong knowledge of digital law and / or ICTs.
– Put into practice his solid knowledge of the GDPR and data protection at national, European and international level.
– Develop and apply knowledge of the areas of intervention (life sciences sector at large)
– Put into practice his leadership and persuasion skills.
– Have an analytical mind.
– Have a sense of developed listening.
– Demonstrate a good ability to interpret and react.
– Master one or more foreign languages.
– Travel abroad.

Soft skills

The Data Protection Lawyer has to:

– Establish a permanent relationship and dialogue with the hierarchy, colleagues and clients.
– Listen to the point of view of the interlocutors in a situation of negotiation or consultation.
– Resist sources of stress.
– Be flexible. – Possess a sense of listening develop.
– Meet deadlines.
– Improve one’s practice and skills through the autonomous and proposed learning.


The Lawyer Data Protection is in communication with all the actors of its department and with its customers.

Hierarchical position

The Lawyer Data Protection depends on Top Management (or the CEO).

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