Business Developer


The Business Developer function consists of three main components: market prospecting, customer visits and administrative work.

In constant search for new clients, he prospects with companies to negotiate contracts in a specific geographical area. He can consult market research in order to target his audience, create his own customer database and use pre-established files to avoid having to prospect himself.

The Business Developer meets with companies to provide them with technical, commercial and financial information on the company’s products. During these meetings, his two leitmotifs must be: to argue and to convince. It must therefore have a perfect knowledge of its services and products as well as competing products on the market and be able to identify and analyze the needs and expectations of the customer in order to propose the most appropriate solution.

To stand out from the competition, he must offer his clients advice, services or customized solutions. Once the sales contract has been concluded, he provides the administrative follow-up of the operational service. In particular, he notifies the client of the requirements. He also writes a report on his daily or weekly activities. He maintains numerous contacts with the departments of the company and reports directly to the Chief Business Officer and then to the Top Management or the CEO.

Main tasks


– Realize his prospects database
– Ensure the prospection of new customers in the different target territories.
– Negotiate with prospects new collaborations.
– Write the price offers.
– Negotiate sales development with existing customers.
– Manage and ensure the confidentiality of the information underlying its actions.

Sales management :

– Realize its customer database.
– Follow the sales strategy defined by the Chief Business Officer and the General Management or the CEO.
– Manage and ensure the confidentiality of the information underlying its actions.
– Perform different sales analysis to improve the sales impact.
– Promote new services and products.

Competitive management:

– Know the market and potential competitors to guide its actions accordingly.


– Participate in writing and promotional tools.
– Perform the various administrative tasks related to his function.
– Perform archiving of his actions.
– Realize a feedback to his / her supervisor.

Technical skills

The Business Developer must be able to:

– Know perfectly the life sciences sector.
– Master the management tools necessary for its function.
– Master the main legal and financial aspects necessary for the exercise of its function.
– Take into consideration the cultures of the territories concerned.
– Put into practice his sense of analysis and observation.
– Be customer oriented.
– Master one or more foreign languages.
– Put into practice his business sense and his negotiation skills.
– Demonstrate total autonomy.
– Travel abroad.

Soft skills

The Business Developer has to:

– Establish a permanent relationship and dialogue with the hierarchy, customers and prospects.
– Listen to the point of view of the interlocutors in a situation of negotiation or consultation.
– To be dynamic.
– To show a spirit of initiative.
– Be enthusiastic and available.
– Show versatility. – Be persuasive.
– Be methodical and organized.
– Know how to prioritize tasks and respect deadlines.
– Resist sources of stress.
– Be flexible.
– To be of good presentation.
– Improve one’s practice and skills through the proposed learning.


The Business Developer is in communication with all the actors of the company and different external actors, especially with prospects and customers.

Hierarchical position

The Business Developer reports directly to the Chief Business Officer and then to the Top Management or the CEO.

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