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GDP2 good data protection practices

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Good Data Protection Practices

GDP² standards were founded based on labelling methodologies of Data Protection Authorities initially created to demonstrate the Data Protection Governance of an organisation.

The GDP² drives processes implemented by organisations to direct, manage, and monitor the data protection initiatives run to comply with the data protection rules.

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What is GDP2 ?

- Good Data Protection Practices -

The GDP² audit assesses and makes appropriate recommendations for improving the data protection implementation process to reach the following objectives:

  • Promoting appropriate ethics and values within the organisation
  • Ensuring effective organisational performance management and accountability
  • Communicating risk and control information to relevant areas of the organisation
  • Coordinating the activities of and sharing information among the board,
  • Demonstrating and communicating data protection implementation quality to external parties
  • Coordinating the communication to the board, management, external and internal auditors

How does it work?

- to obtain GDP² label -

When applying for the GDP² label, The Good Data Protection Practices evaluate the following processes of Data Management:

  • Organisational
  • Operational
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Management
  • Security Management
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Why should I obtain this label?

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Xavier Gobert, CEO

“Lead, manage and monitor data protection initiatives conducted to comply with GDPR”

MyData-TRUST has developed GDP2 to drive the processes implemented by organisations to lead, manage and monitor data protection initiatives conducted to comply with GDPR. Organisations that can document their compliance with GDP2 standards promote appropriate ethics and values within the organisation, ensure effective performance management and accountability, communicate risk and control information to the proper areas of the organisation, and demonstrate a quality of data protection implementation to external parties (i.e. customers, partners, subjects). In this sense, they have developed state-of-the-art compliance with the GDPR.

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€4.192 for the 2 first years + €500 for the use of the logo.

Update every 2 years: €1.048 + €500 for the logo

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