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Simplify Data Protection Regulation with Our Automated User-Friendly Application

A Data Protection Automation System Designed for Privacy Professionals

Navigating data protection regulations poses a daunting and intricate challenge for businesses of all sizes. As the importance of safeguarding personal data and adhering to stringent regulations continues to rise, it becomes imperative to employ a dependable and intuitive solution to streamline the process. Our data protection automation tool is meticulously crafted to effortlessly ensure compliance with data protection regulations, alleviating the burdensome task

DPCanvas forms an integral component of the “Augmented Data Protection Services” initiative. This collaboration stems from the concerted efforts of MyData-TRUST, B12 Consulting, and ILC of UCLouvain, with support from the Région Wallonne. Our objective is to streamline data protection processes, aiding businesses in effectively navigating the intricate landscape of GDPR and other regulatory frameworks.

DP Canvas

Benefits of Using Our Privacy Management Solution

Simplfied compliance.

DPCanvas Suite streamlines GDPR compliance, offering you an easy-to-navigate solution for ensuring data protection.

Time & Costefficient.

Streamline and automate your data processing work by minimizing the risk of non-compliance and related penalties.

Enhanced security.

Discovering and addressing data security risks is crucial to protecting sensitive information and enhancing stakeholders’ trust in your organization

Transparency & Accountability.

Transparency will be exhibited in the processing of data, ensuring that customers, partners, and other relevant bodies are confident in dealing with you.

Peace of Mind

With DPCanvas Suite, you can be assured that you are moving in the right direction to guard your data, steer clear of any legal troubles, and maintain your reputation.


GDPR Compliance Made Simple!


Native access for client users, with limited visibility to ensure confidentiality.


Intuitive Record Structuring


Direct contact icon for the support team

Quick notes

Personal Post-its for quick notes

Note writing

Freeform and shared note writing on each page.


Interactive comments with the option to mention other users


Integrated chat for smooth communication between teams


Notifications for mentions in discussions or comments


Integrated guidance to ensure compliance.

Value lists

Standardized value lists for simplified use

Data Ease

Copy/paste an activity with all its data

Record of Processing Activities

Export the Record of Processing Activities
DPCanvas | The Best Privacy Management Solution Tool

An effective designed solution to streamline your data governance

DPCanvas, your leading solution for data protection, designed to ensure compliance with multiple regulations. It streamlines the management of data processing, privacy, security, and governance, ensuring your organization adheres to rigorous regulations standards. Safeguard your data and reputation with DPCanvas, your all-in-one solution for modern data protection needs.

Data Governance Made Simple

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