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Overwhelmed by the EU Regulation, GDPR?

February 8, 2018

When we present the regulation, often, the managers around the table turn green; as a consumer they understand the benefits, as a manager they are overwhelmed.

Here is our view on why not to stress too much:

It is a positive decision:

Harmonizing European data protection laws removes the complexity of working with member states. The regulation protects consumers; sometimes you are the consumer. – It can give you a competitive edge. Reassuring customers, partners and potential investors that you hold data seriously and comply with the legislation.

Where you should start?

Start with organizational and legal awareness trainings. It’s the worst-kept secret that in handling data, information and content management, people often remain the weakest link. It is fundamental for the staff to understand the concept of personal data and the impact these will have on the organization and daily routines. It is vital for the boardroom to understand the responsibilities they will be endorsing on May 25. Decision-makers and employees must be aware of the changes

Next, audit your data (where from, how, where to, who, why, etc.) – Review your policies in terms of data handling, data access, data portability, data use.

Put a response plan in place.

Finally, document; like everything else, if it is not written, it does not exist.

What else? Organize a GAP analysis and roadmap. Once you know where you are going, compliance will be much easier

Xavier Gobert, Executive Director

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